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Can you take dyazide and lasix together?

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kaismama 22 Jan 2015

Why would you want to? Did the dr order it that way? I supposed it could be used together, but I've never seen someone on a diuretic like lasix on a thiazide diuretic too.

lhazelwood 22 Jan 2015

I was prescribed this.

kaismama 22 Jan 2015

By the same dr? Or did the one dr know about the other one? And were they both prescribed at the same time, or did you have instructions to stop the one you are on to start the other one.

lhazelwood 22 Jan 2015

The same dr. I have been on Lasix for 2 years, since I found out I have congjestive heart failure. Have had high blood pressure for 35 years. I'm taking 9 pills a day for blood pressure. The last 3 weeks, bp has gone up and was prescribed the diazide today for bp. free discount card

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