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Can you drink socially after completing a harvoni treatment?

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Cureforsure15 1 Jun 2015

This question has been submitted many times before and the answer has always been the same! No alcohol during the HARVONI treatment. Most doctors will tell you that from the beginning. It's only a very small sacrifice considering the future outcome of this " miracle" medication that will cure us all! If you don't want to tell anyone about your situation, just use an excuse like... " I am making a change with my health, diet etc and I am excluding all alcohol for now"! Remember, you do not want to do anything that interferes with HARVONI in any way! Order a sprite! Good luck.

Cureforsure15 30 Jun 2015

Hi. My answer originally referred to another question regarding drinking "during" taking HARVONI. This question about drinking alcohol after the treatment is finished should be addressed to Your Doctor . But I am sure it would have to do with the condition your liver is in... HARVONI Cures HepC but not cirrohsis! This is purely a personnel opinion... I would be very careful and tread lightly afterwards! Enjoy The results of being virus free, by treating your body to a healthy & clean lifestyle! Please Remember ... alcohol is a poison to your liver! I myself do not have cirrohsis but I am so thankful to be virus free that I want to continue to do the things that will keep my body healthy. I only have 29 days to go! I started 2/12 and all my tests are excellent!

bigbadbob 20 Aug 2015

Sure, drink a sprite. It only has 38 grams of sugar in it. That wont hurt you.

Stephen Treloar 1 Jun 2015

I'll actually answer the question you asked. Once you have the bit of paper that says SVR and you have finished you will need to have your liver function assessed as that will determine if you can safely drink at all. Seriously, I feel that you should get a doctors opinion.

In my case, my drinking days are over even if I were to be cured tomorrow.

audreywald1 2 Jun 2015

me too. stupid chance to take. The cirrhosis is still there, it will just not get worse if you are 0 viral load. Why take a chance after going through all this. btw, I asked my doc just for the hell of it. She said maybe 1 or 2 a year!!!

russellbeach 1 Jun 2015

This forum is a good place to find out people's personal experience with Harvoni and you might also get some unqualified opinions. Your question about can you drink socially after treatment would depend on the condition of your liver and would best be addressed by a professional. I believe any technical inquiries such as this should be answered by your Doctor. That will be your best source for this kind of information.

The blessed one 30 Jun 2015

Yes this is a question for your doctor... However I will not drink and have not drank in over 30 years I believe that's what saved me. free discount card

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