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Can you drink alcohol while taking Harvoni?

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Delila 12 Jan 2016

Hi, i'm sure you know it isn't a good idea to drink if you have Hepatitis C (I assume this is why you taking the medication), but that isn't your question... technically you can drink while on this treatment, no interactions are known to exist. If you want further information, there is a support group based on Harvoni where you can read past discussions...

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Stephen Treloar 12 Jan 2016

You will get slammed for being a drinker with HCV who wants treatment so as to keep abusing their liver. Other than that, what Delila said.

Debtoynbee 13 Jan 2016

Thank you.

Mommy4Justus 15 Jan 2016

Why would you even want to?? Your trying to fix your liver not keep it sick.. Harvoni is extremely exspensive and hard to get put on unless your case is that severe.. So Id say just think about sobriety or else Harvoni is a waste of time!!!

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chuck1957 15 Jan 2016

DEB; look they finally have a cure and you want to mess it up with alcohol, This does have an Interaction and also your Insurance company requires the doctor to run blood test if they find alcohol in your system or other illegal drugs they well stop treatment YESTERDAY. sorry I'm not trying to be mean but do you want to live.You well need your Liver. find some free meetings at the hospital almost all of them have them. But if the Interaction shows up between the two your liver well show it fast I have heard of 7 different people that had violent reactions with the 2 and it is not in the regular literature yet

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chuck1957 15 Jan 2016

I am sorry to all my friend posters your answers were great I just could not let this slip by. I well try and stay off your post when I can. feeling like crap

Delila 16 Jan 2016

Not to worry Chuck, we are all entitled to our opinions. I personally try not to get too emotionally involved, but that's just me. Maybe because i have been judged on questions i've asked in the past & don't want to put people off asking for help... but it is good for a poster to get a mixture of responses : )

kurtedson 17 Jan 2016

Good afternoon, Debtoynbee. I was diagnosed last May 2015 with acute Hep C, the very early stages, I was retested after 6 months and now am considered chronic. They only reason your receiving Harvoni is because your liver is showing signs of damage, most likely cirrhosis, as that is the protocol for prescribing Harvoni. cirrhosis of the liver can be caused by a few things, hep a, hep b, hep c, or Alcohol. So now that you know your liver is damaged by one of these and you know that alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver, my question to you is, what is your life worth? Once your hep c is cured, which it will be from the Harvoni, your liver is still deeply damaged. Alcohol will not allow your liver to regenerate it's self. The liver is one of the only organs of the body that has the ability to fix it's self as long as you treat it kindly. Alcohol is not kind to your liver. free discount card

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