I have a 95 yr old mother with severe knee osteoarthritis and restless leg syndrome and is in the early stages of dementia. She is currently on Gabapentin, (300mg x 2 daily); sertraline (100 mg) and alprazolam (0.25 mg) daily. We think some of her confusion and unclear thinking might be due to excess medications. She has had some depression/anxiety problems in the past and complains of pain in her legs/ankles. We do not want her to suffer however are concerned about the effect of current medications on her cognitive function. The thought is that switching from sertraline(Zoloft) to Cymbalta or Lyrica and eliminating the gabapentin and alprazolam might benefit her osteoarthritis pain while still helping her depression/anxiety problems. If she discontinued the sertraline (Zoloft) without tapering off and immediately began taking a low dose of Cymbalta or Lyrica would this work without the side effects from discontinuing the sertraline? The gabapentin does not seem to help with her pain or restless leg syndrome problems but probably contributes to confusion after she takes it therefore I see no reason to keep taking it. Any suggestions???