I have been dealing with what I feel is a severe neuropathy for quite some time. I can't sleep because anything touching me feet (i.e. sheets or blankets) burns, I can't walk by the time I get off of work and the pain is so bad at nights when I get home I have to excuse myself so my girls don't see me crying. I've been tested for diabetes and Vitamin B deficiency and they both came back negative. Mayo has declined to take me on as a patient as they don't feel there is anything futher they can do for me. I'm trying to get in to a few additional health facilities but until that time I'm barely making it through work without crying. If I have to run an errand after work, I would love to have a handicap sticker so I don't have to walk as far. I just need some hope - is there any way that a neuropathy is cause to get this type of help? Thanks to anyone who can provide any kind of insight!