a diagnosis? I have gone to just about every specialist, and it is the only thing that my symptoms come close to but it seems we cannot confirm. I've had xray, nerve conductions, vascular test, mri neck etc. I recently tried a ganglion nerve block and had some weird reaction . I don't seem to have extreme burning pain, but my left arm/hand feels so strained,weak, ice cold, aches like tooth ache, and both arms are turning mottled red during the day. The left side is getting many lumps all under my left bottom rib, some on top of the ribs, the left arm has many lumps on the back of upper arm and seems to be getting more, and everything is sore to the touch. Do you guys have any idea if this would fit with RSD? I'm sorry this probably isn't worded the best, I'm at work and should not be doing this so rushing! WORSE: My mind seems to going, I CANNOT FOCUS, with depression unbearable. Thank you to all of you!!!