I was diagnose with rsd/crps in January 2014. My PM Dr. & my Neurologist agree with the Dr. who gave me the EMG test than diagnose me having rsd/crps, this disease has no cure & is very painful.
But my PCP dosen't think I have crps he dose say I have nerve damage & I have Neuropathy not crps. But I'm not a Diabetic. I have crps in my right foot/ankle cuz I had a injury in my right foot in July 2012. In April 2013 I had surgery to repair a torn tendon. My foot got worse over the next few months, went for a second opinion sept. 2013 he told me I have nerve damage put me on meds sended me to PM Dr. & she send me for 2 test bone scan & EMG. Can you have rsd/crps & Neuropathy ?