... which is the cancerous type, it was in my right prefrontal zone. A tonic-Clonic siezure at 4 AM woke my then 12 year old up and she called 911, I was in the hopital while they drained fluid from my brain to reduce swelling, they tried to swtop my siezures, but it was not easy, finally a mix of drugs stopped them. I waited for the Nuerosurgeons pathalogy report which came back as the same as abaove. They scheduled surgery for a week out, put me on atibiotics and AED's and I came back the next week for the tumor removal and had siezures in the hospital. They upped and added more drugs, so everything went well for about 3 months. Then, boom, out of the blue I crashed my vehicle into another one on the highway, I think that flahing yellow lights was the trigger, who knows. No one was hurt, but I totaled my 4-runner! I started having a variety of siezures after that one, and sometimes would come out of them in the hospital until I educated my kids an friends if it was under 5 minutes and I did nit hit my head, don't take me to the hospital, just document what I would do! So I kept a siezure diary. Sometimes I would have auras that one was coming or one would pass, usually because of a lack of sleep or a lot of stress. I had both at the time. So after 2 years and being tired of having break through siezures and nocturnal siezures, I became a candidate for a VNS(vagus rve stimulator). They put me under and proceeded with the surgery to install the device. I was very happy and went home the same day I went the epidediologist a week later and had it set and was told to come back in 3 weeks.I came back in 2 with a major, raging infection. They had to remove the device and treat the infection! I was so dissapointed to have it taken out, they said they would try it one more time on the other side of my neck. I reminded them that I had an artificial C-6 disc in my neck that they would have to work around. I also told them my goal was to get off all the AED's in 1 year! They said that would be a big task because Iwas a complicated patient. I do not mean to, but really, I have been doing this since 2009, too long in my book!Has anyone else been in a similar position?