It's me again. I am finding myself getting more and more depressed and frustrated with my situation. I saw a doc recently for my neuropathy and he was super helpful. He listened, he seemed to understand and he had a plan on how to move forward. He cut down my gabepentin to decrease my swelling and put me on another drug that I can't remember the name of - but it's nothing I've seen on this site. The first few days it just caused my stomach problems - but then by the 4th day my feet felt great. I could walk normal, I wasn't trying to pretend not to be in constant pain. My girls said I was like the old mom. Then two days later - the swelling and extreme pain returned. Then I had a great day yesterday - no swelling, no pain - I thought about exercising again. Then I go to bed and didn't sleep because the sheets burned and my feet felt like they were on fire the whole night. I'm 40 and I have a handicap sticker for my car - I'm getting fatter by the day and I just can't believe this is what life will be for me. I know, it could be worse - I really know that - but I'm falling in to a depression and I'm not sure how to get out.
Please give advice - and I'm sorry for the book!