I have cervical spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia. One of the many wonderful side-conditions brought on by one or both or these conditions is hesitant and/or irritable bladder. I have a very difficult time releasing my urine, thus the hesitant bladder. It does not matter where I am--bathrooms at home, office or other location--or whether I am stressed or relaxed. I can sit for 5 or more minutes trying to coax my bladder to let loose. Also, I feel like I have to urinate very frequently, usually very 1.5-2 hours. I often leave meetings or awake every cople of hours in the night to urinate. I doesn't hur,most times, but it is maddening. I haven't spoken with my drs yet since I have bigger issues to deal with,like pain, fatigue &insomnia. Does anyone suffer from this? If so, how do you manage it... I hope I do not have to see another specialist! Already have PCP, Spine and Pain management dr, therapist an physical therapy trainer... no more! I hardly have time to work given all of these drs. Thank you for your help and suggestions!