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Can you cover a fentanyl patch with tape to hold it in place?

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Stephen Treloar 20 Jan 2015

My experience with Fentanyl has taught me what can go wrong and what works in terms of skin preparation.

You can tape it back on but once the gel glue does not adhere to the skin (basically straightaway) there will be no drug transfer at all.

I can give you a short skin preparation lesson too if you are interested (I have had 3 come of in 5 years).


hagar41 26 Jan 2015

I know you can use medical tape around the outside edges, or contact Mylan Pharmacuticals (if thats the brand you use) explain them your issue of them coming loose a nd they will send you for free a thin film adhesive dressing and you wont have any issues at all. You do need the lot# of the patches you have. But they are free.
Mine come frequently due to having Lymphoma I get bad night sweats and they just come loose. So I use the film all the time and never had an issue. Just wuwish they would come with the patches so I wouldnt have to order them all the time.

Stephen Treloar 27 Jan 2015

I use the jannsen patches. Sandoz didn't seem to deliver it slowly enough and Mylan were a real problem in terms of adhesion (all of this applies to me only). I guess everyone has a preference, the other week there was someone hunting for the old style reservoir type here.

marci333 27 Feb 2015

Each month, after seeing my pain dr. I have difficulty filling the script. Today I went into the drug store and they told me they never know when they get a shipment. I called the manufacturer and they couldn't help. Does anyone else have this problem?

hagar41 28 Feb 2015

Hi if you ever end up with the Mylan brand again call thier 800 number on the information papers that come with it the day you get them. They will ask you for the lot number and ship you express the patch covers they have. Once you use the covers, thebpatch will not come loose at all until you peel it off. I always ask them to send me enough for two months that way your set fornext time you get them. Then next time. You will have them and just need to call to keep up your inventory in stock good luck!

hagar41 28 Feb 2015

Marc I dont know if your using the same pharmacy or not. I have found that by going to the same one c each month, that they will preorder your brand if you ask them to. If not, and they are the pharmacy you want to use, call the corporate offices and speak to them. If it's a national chain, they will work hard to ensure that they have the meds you need. Just when you call headquarters, dont give a nasty review on your local workers there (unless it is called for). That should solve it then a week out from next time to refill stop in and remind them your coming in soon for a refill.

JessicaMicheleF 2 Sep 2015

I've always used Nexcare Tegaderm patches. You can shower/swim any normal activities and not worry about the patch coming loose! free discount card

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