she got in a wreck years ago. now weve been fighting roxys for almost 10 yrs. we take 3 to 4 30's a day. i got some subs from a friend and they seemed to work great for me so ive been trying to get her to switch to subs so we can move on with our lives together. i thought i was doing well until i read some of this. i dont know if i should ask her to switch now. im afraid it may be my doing to send us to a darker place. i started with a whole strip for 2 days. been doing half now for about 4 days. i have about 5 left and had planned to try to use them to finish up but it seems i wont be able to quit so quickly. i dont want to drag it out into another addiction thats worse. is it a good idea to try to quit on my own even though she may not do it at the same time, or should i stay on it and try to do it with her? we live together so i cant escape the r's even at home unless i can get her to do it with me. ive done it before without her but its impossible to make it stick. eventually i break.