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Can you chew the Harvoni tablet? Its very difficult for me to swallow pills or tablets?

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Cureforsure15 1 Aug 2016

I dont think so. There must be a way that you can take the pill whole. Try taking it with some type of food. Check the internent for some Ideas and in the meantime ... call your doctor and ask him. good luck

AS I stated I cannot swallow pills period

Cureforsure15 1 Aug 2016

Then call your doctor

DzooBaby 1 Aug 2016

If you can swallow food, you can swallow pills. It is in your mind that you are having the difficulty. If it wasnt then why would chewing the pill make it any different? Chewing doesnt decrease the mass of the pill, it just helps your mind accept that you can now swallow it.Take a bite of food like you usually do then spit it out and compare it to the size of the pill. I am not trying to be an a$$, I am trying to help. Sometimes it helps to see that a bite of food is much larger than the pill so your mind gets used to the idea. It also helps to place a pill way far back as you can on your tongue-way back into your throat as far as your finger will reach then drink water with your head tipped back so gravity can help. Try not to think about the pill-tell yourself it is just water. Some people find that mixing a pill with food helps them get over not being able to swallow pills, that is why the above poster suggested it.

DzooBaby 1 Aug 2016

If Harvoni comes in a liquid

DzooBaby 1 Aug 2016

If Harvoni does not, you might try a compounding pharmacy to see if they can make it into a liquid or a paste

Stephen Treloar 2 Aug 2016

Okay, we understand you have an issue with swallowing but Harvoni is a coated tablet and (taken after food) most likely is there to stop it being destroyed by stomach acid before it gets to the more benign environment of the small intestine where it is absorbed. There is no way around this and it has to be moisture free in it's pharmacy container (cool, dark and dry). IT CANNOT be used crushed; you could ask the doctor or treatment nurse if they can be used as a suppository; it is not available in a liquid form for IV, IM or subcutaneous form. I really doubt a compounding pharmacy will be able to help you; No-one is going to gamble $20,000 experimenting with coated medication.

Cureforsure15 2 Aug 2016

Thank you for your answer Stephen and Dzoobaby

DzooBaby 2 Aug 2016

Stephen, I dont know where you are from but compounding is big business in the US. Here almost any medication can be compounded, even stuff that was discontinued by mass marketing. Before the 1950's, when mass production took over, most meds were compounded by a pharmacist. Whether Harvoni can be or not, I am not positive BUT, if the patient has special needs, compounding is worth looking into. Many people have meds compounded for doses not available by mass marketing or because they have allergies to a binder ingredient in the mass produced products. Perhaps you are not aware of this? Compounding can be expensive and is sometimes not covered by insurances but for some people it is worth the expense.

DzooBaby 2 Aug 2016

I have pain patients who have their pain meds compounded into customized troches that dissolve under the tongue (which completely bypasses the GI tract) and some who have compounded pain meds made into nasal sprays or topicals they rub into their skin. Some have multiple meds compounded into one pill. Like I mentioned, it is big business here. I dont know if you do not live in the US or perhaps you just did not realize this sort of thing is available-many people do not. They are used to the idea of just going to their local chain pharmacy and do not realize there is any other way. Some chemo drugs and nuclear medicine drugs are compounded and if you want to talk major $$$ many chemo drugs cost a lot more than $20,000. They also compound a lot of drugs for animals that are not commercially available by mass marketing. For children they make drugs into lollipops, gummies and effervescent drinks, meds can be made into special suspensions. Perhaps you should look into educating yourself before you speak?

Stephen Treloar 2 Aug 2016

You really are a twisted old thing aren't you. I addressed the core elements of the man's question. You then take it as an opportunity to attack me as my answer addressed ONLY the question. Not having read any of the product information and idly speculating is not helpful. Harvoni degrades quickly when exposed to the damp.

I have an idea of what he was asking about but that would mean you would actually have to know something about HCV and it's complications. I already know.

So why don't you go back to 'post theft' from newbies like you did to me when I first started. Your behaviour here, at times, is like a dog marking territory. free discount card

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