before I began treatment for flagyl, I had sex with my boyfriend. 1. did I transfer it to him? he doesn't know I had it. I know it's harmless for men but I heard its still contractable from them. 1b. after I am cured, can I contract it from back from him? if so, is there something I could do to prevent it?
I started flagyl tablets (2x/day) on Friday. for 2 days, yesterday And the day before, I only took the pill once each day bc I forgot to take it when I had meals and I didn't want to take it on an empty stomach when I did remember. 2. will everything work as its suppose to? all the other days and today I took it 2x/day. 2b. since I will have two extra this Friday, should I take them for saturday?
lastly, I am having brown discharge (I'm ok with that) and I interpret that as the pill working as the foul odor has subsided. 3. but is it normal to bleed actual blood during the course? I'm on birth conrol so I was freaked out. that happened to me one day but I'm back to the dark discharge now. is this normal ?