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What do you do if your Butrans patch comes partway off after a shower?

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ChrisMDe 2 Aug 2016

Use medical tape to adhere it back to your skin. It might also be worth investing in a product by Smith & Nephew called Opsite Flexifix as this would prevent this from happening in the future. It's fairly inexpensive, comes in various widths, and a single roll should last you 6+ months. You can choose the width that would completely cover your patch. Good luck. You can find it online or at a health supply store. Good luck.

susansch27 2 Aug 2016

Thank you, I will check into it.

MeggieGirl 2 Aug 2016

Honest answer? I learned the hard way that the Butrans patch is chemically only about half as effective as Suboxone. So they do NOT convert 10mg = 10mg, which is what they did for me. I was in TERRIBLE pain on the patch, and they told me there was no reason I should feel that way. I fired them (LOL) and got a new Pain Management Doctor. He showed me literature indicating the ratios, and he was exactly right... there it was in black & white. My PMS mismanaged my pain, didn't listen to me, and I was mad. I was on 12mg Suboxone, and they should have given me a 20mg Butrans when I converted to that second formulation of Buprenorphine.

So I told this new PMD "I hate this patch... is there ANYthing else we can do?" Well TaDa! There is pure Buprenorphine in a sublingual tablet.

And I'm not kidding about how the Butrans didn't work. He told me that TWO MILLIGRAMS would be about equivalent to what I had been receiving with the patch. So you can imagine the pain I was in when I went from TWELVE mg's if Suboxone. That is a CRASH.

So he put me on 2mg, twice a day (it has a half-life of 36-hours, so if you're taking every 12 hours, you are literally saturating your blood serum levels and keeping it that way), and I have had my pain more under control than when I was on OxyContin and Fentanyl. Buprenorphine is a WONDER DRUG. And I truly believe that opiates *do* make our central nervous system more "hyper"sensitive to stimuli, and interprets it as pain (that, and tolerance, causing us to need more and stronger doses over time).

So, you're trying to ask about how to keep it adhered, and sorry I don't have an answer for that outside of Tegaderm bandages... but you just might be in a perfect position to tell your doctor that you'd like to talk about switching to the Buprenorphine sublingual tablets because you're having trouble with adherence. I'll bet you money, if you're on a 10mg Butrans and they give you the equivalent dosage in tabs, you'll be setting a lot of it aside as it will be too strong. Good luck! :-) Meggie free discount card

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