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How can you break down a oxycotin my elderly mother has a hard time taking and swallowing pills so?

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kaismama 30 Mar 2013

If its an immediate release tablet you can cut it or crush it. Never Cut or crush oxycontin, the time release form.

Angela1227 1 Apr 2013

You can never break down an extended release oxycontin pill because the immediate release of all of the contained medication could be fatal- you have two options - have your grandmother swallow a spoonful of applesauce or yogurt or ice cream and place the pill in the center of the food source and swallow quickly this way the pill will be disgusied inside of the soft food and it should go down quite easily, follow that swallow with a sip of a beverage and your second option is to speak with the prescribing doctor and a compound pharmacist to see if the doctor and the pharmacist can come up with a liquid medication that will be safe and effective for your grandmother to take on a regular basis. There any many liquid medications that a good compound pharmacist can blend specifically for your grand mother - so I suggest you try to get her to swallow the pill using some soft food and if that does not work then speak with the prescribing physician. Good Luck, Angela

DzooBaby 1 Apr 2013

If she cannot take pills, then Oxycontin, which is a time release pill, is NOT a good option for her. Oxycontin HAS to be swallowed whole. If they are broken, crushed, split, chewed or dissolved, they can release an overdose of medication which can lead to respiratory depression and this can often be fatal. Never, EVER alter Oxycontin in any way. Oxycontin is the opioid drug, oxycodone in a time release, long acting formula. They do make immediate release oxycodone products in pills that can be crushed and also in liquid form. These are not long acting formulas though, and she will have to take it every 4 hours or so rather than twice a day. Inform her physician that she has trouble swallowing pills and ask him about a liquid drug for her pain. free discount card

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