Ok all you brains out there! I have a new condition, & I want someanswers my doctor did not give me. You all know I have Lupus, failed back surgeries, Fibromyalgia, mitral valve leak, A-fib,osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, & the new one is tadah:high blood pressure! Has always been very low, was given my stress test in Dec. & echocardiogram=ok. BP was, and usually is low like 110/60. Haven't felt well & for some reason decided to check it. It was 190/100. That was yesterday & still today 190/100. Seen my doc yesterday & put on Furosimide which according to this site interreacts moderately with everything else I am on! What I haven't mentioned is I also have vasculitis of the brain. ok, no smart alec remarks about that! What I want to know is if anyone knows if that raises my chances of a stroke any sooner with the deep white matter vasculitis? If I'm not on tomorrow you'll know what happened!