Hi, I've been told that i need to update. U no that I took 2 days off on the 24th and 25th-Dr. Garg said I was burning too much. I had a sore on the corner of my mouth, a big ridge inside my lip from where my teeth touched it. It didn't hurt, but it made me feel sad. Then my lip was quickly getting sore and scabby. This Tues. Dr Garg told me they were ulcers, and people usually didn't heal so quickly. He didn't want to say ulcers the week before and freak me out. Other than that, I'm doing OK- eating like a horse and not losing weight. Also the ridge inside my mouth went away. While he was asking me how I was doing,I ran my tongue around-and it was gone. It went down just like that.
I think that this one tumor just isn't responding. I think that they upped the dosage- it used to be a whirl and zap--- zap. Now it's a heavy growl and the treatment is lasting 5 seconds longer. You know the optic nerve-is in the back of the head-the first time they did that-it seemed like i could see my brain and then my skull-then I was looking through my face. I got a headache like you wouldn't believe. I came home- hurt too much to rest-so I went out and cleaned up after the dogs. It was about 32 with an icy wind coming off of the mountains, and the headache went away. Now I'm feeling really good. I was really exhausted yesterday-so I had my son drive me to the clinic. He's done that the last 2 Fridays. My face looks like a lobster now and people are staring-it makes my nose look pretty lop sided. In case you haven't figured it out, I don't spend much time in front of a mirror. I went down to the local muslim FAX, FEDEX place. Real strict-women wear the chadra, men gowns, beards, prayer beads, etc. Very proper and unemotional with infidels, they got upset with their son because he was smiling one time when we were talking about deep sea fishing. Anyway the stern unemotional family leader saw my face last weekend, and some tears came from his eyes. He didn't stare, but treated me like normal.
I have one thing upsetting me. My son's girl friend has always been love-love-I'll back you up, if you need anything I'll be there for you. I asked her if she would be the person to take authority to pull the plug. A person doesn't even need to be in the state to do that. It doesn't mean she's responsible for any bills, etc. I just didn't want my family to have to do that. She wouldn't. Then I happily told her that I wasn't losing any weight- and she made a snarky comment in a snarky voice that she heard about my 'so called diet'. I was going to donate my skinny clothes, when I was told that I'd lose lots of weight. Now I'm growing out of my fat clothes. I tell you, this will be an odd discussion for Dr. garg. About the 3rd week I began doing stretches and weight lifting about half of the week. But I'm wondering if I need to keep up the high calorie intake.