My brother has atypical BCC too. I just found out this morning. he hadn't written me for almost a year. He sent me a Christmas card. Somehow our Emails weren't going through. He's had 2 carcinomas removed and is getting something out of his nose. I think that he didn't want to write about it. After we got in contact, I didn't tell him what was going on until I got it hammered out. He'd been told the same thing about bone being cut out of the face and having a longer probablity of living, or radiation and having a shorter time. For 2/3rds of our lives, they didn't have sun block. They came out with ratings of about 3 and dermatologists said that anything stronger than a 10 would cause cancer too. I think that it's a combination of sun and the ocean. Of course being fair skinned Irish doesn't help. It's atypical BCC-if anybody wants all of the dirt- go to "Which Door Would You Chose?"