It took me 2 years to get a "Do Not Resuscitate" order in this HMO, but I got one today. I asked the doctor- he said none were there, call administration, and administration told me to go to my doctor-back and forth. I was also asked if I was suicidal.
I had an appointment with a social worker-I thought that paperwork was catching up to the doctors. The social worker called me and told me to come in today at 11 to get the paperwork-and we'll finish it on the 14th. A friend had a problem, and I went to help my friend. That ran late-so I really, really broke the speed limit-all of you in the rural West know what I mean.
I get there and the social worker isn't there-not today at all- I politely ask if there was an appointment for next Friday-No. I asked them to check if there was any appointment this week- no- next week- no- I lost it, cursed like a Marine, pounded the desk and screamed-What in F--- is wrong with this place?
Would you believe that the patients in the waiting room applauded and said, "way to go." "Good for you"

They got the head social worker. I told her the guy was a p*****. He called me -made the appointment for 2day. I was given his card by the cancer doctor and told to call him, and the appointment was made for the 14th. Then he called and asked me to come in 2day too. She has a clear idea of what I think about that social worker. When I called, he was with a patient-and he asked me how I got his number, why-etc. and said he was with a patient-I told her that must have made the patient in his office feel horrible-I should have been asked 4 my phone #, and called back. he's a jerk and I used some adjectives to describe the type of jerk that he is.
They kept going over my wishes, and said- but for this to be done-you need a DNR. They talked about federal laws, state laws. I explained that my son is a disabled vet, and there isn't reason why he should be put in that position. Then we'd talk about another point- and I said that comes back to me needing a DNR, but I've spent 2 years trying to get one. I believe in quality of life, and sparing my family anguish- self doubt-and possible blame by others. That I'm responsible for myself.
They pulled in a doctor that asked me what a DNR meant. I told them that it meant that if Space junk landed on me-and my arm survived-that I wouldn't be hooked up to keep my arm alive or I was hit by a fleeing bank robber and 6 or 7 police cars chasing him, that god can take me home-I can go to whatever.