was just put on, dont like the dizziness/nauseous, blood pressure was 188/88 at the docs the other day - have "whitecoat syndrome", the nurse was talking to me, I'd just finished breakfast (coffee etc) and then ran back out to my car for my check - any wonder BP was up?
now they supposedly hear "heart murmur" (had for yrs), want me to go to cardiologist - seeing a pattern with this - husband and friend have just been told they need to go also - he told friend, she had no heart problems - she's 90 yrs old!!! dont like taking meds, BP has been controlled by meds before,, but they said its hasnt - feeling extremely tired, depressed, and have fibro (usually under control), but have lost 3 family members in 2 yrs, bought another house, husband going for total knee surgery - moving/selling next year, any wonder BP is up???