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Can you bathe with a patch on?

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long term user 13 May 2017

Hi Harleneg, Yes, it is safe to bathe with the patch on. Don't rub too hard over the top of it and it should be fine, unless it is already peeling back somewhere, in which case, you might want to cover it with a waterproof tape. Patches are known to be a problem when it comes to staying stuck; I used to have quite a bit of frustrating trouble with mine until I found that they stick best on my stomach near my navel. I don;t wash the skin before sticking one on, but I do take a damp washrag and rough up my skin a bit, drying it the same way, give it a minite to dry well, put the atch on, cover it with my shirt and rub it vigorously until it gets warm. That's it and I very seldom ever lose a patch anymore. You don't necessarily have to put it on your stomach. I just found it sticks better there on me because of the heat that is generated in that area. If you have another spot that you can prepare like that, go for it. If you don't have any trouble getting them to stick,that's even better. Go ahead and enjoy your shower. God Bless free discount card

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