Hi I have a 2 year old son who has fiberal seizures (suizure) the scariest word a mother could hear but that always isn't the case

My son has had them ever since he was 8 months old it happens when a baby has a fever that spikes up its the little body's way of breaking the fever its very common and not life threatening still you should get medical attention right away if this is the first time this happens ... Just to make sure... They should grow out of it by the time the child reaches 5 ... And it can be genetic... My sons father also had them

If you supect you're child has a fever give ice pops honestly I lived by them and strip them down to a diaper/ underware ... If you live in a colder state try and bring them outside to cool of even if its winter months it won't bother them trust me... Give tylonal and baby ibprofine

If a seizure does happen roll them on there side till it passes when its over with the baby will be very tired that's nature... You'll notice the little ones fever has broken and hell be cool again and sweating make sure you bundle them up after so they don't get a chill.

Children are amazing and there body works in amazing ways...

I hope I'm of any help if you need to know anymore please feel free to ask