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Do you have to avoid direct sunlight while taking levaquin?

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Malindalang 29 Apr 2013

Please get off this drug-it kills and leaves you in pain for the rest of your life. Please look up Floxed and patient stories with this drug and do not listen to your dr. on this one. I am one of those hurt by this drug. PLEASE-get off now. Drs. are not GOD. and NO sun. No exercise, no DRUG... look up on facebook as well.,

ken31gin 30 Apr 2013

Please add me as a friend, please. How do I get to facebook website?
Do you have any suggestions to help with after affects?

Malindalang 30 Apr 2013

Log into facebook and key in Fluoroquinolones and you will see sites pop up-I think it has a picture of a pill bottle. There are a few groups-it all depends on how overwhelmed you want to be. When I went on in 2011, it was good for me, then too many people friended me and I could not keep up. I had to sign off and now just have 3 friends and read what is going on... I wish I could have more but with pain from this drug-it is too much as well as there are some on there that are not floxed as severe as others and comment on what people do for the pain or there writings of depression and wanting to die. This is what the site is for and I did not like that... if someone on the site did not understand then he or she was not floxed as severe for sure as I totally understand the pain and depression get so bad. Are you floxed or following?

ken31gin 4 May 2013

Thanks for answering. I'm 70 years old and I was on Cipro since last November, off and on for UTI's. I'd get off for a short time and then get another infection and have to start more. In Jan., I think it was, my shoulder and arm started hurting so bad, roter cuff. Then pain went down arm to wrist and hand and thumb. I already am disabled with back trouble and neuropothy and this has made it worse. For a while I couldn't even think straight I hurt so bad. My feet and legs hurt so much. My thumb is numb on top. I looked up Cipro, called my doctor and he said he didn't know anything about this causing pain. Yeah, right! He has a lot of older patients and I know I can't be the only one hurt by this awful drug. I can't explain the pain but you know what it's like. free discount card

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