Hi all, I've been taking 10 mg of Lexapro (Escitalopram) for the past 4 weeks for excessive worry, generalized anxiety and for getting obsessed over my worries all day every day. Doc said I don't have enough serotonin and that lexapro would fix that. First week was bad, kept getting nausea, depressed for no reason some times, some random anxiety. But the second week was alot better; less side effects and more being able to finally relax. Third week was great, almost no side effects and I was happy and able to easily let go of whatever anxious thoughts popped into head (because before taking this med I used to obsess for months over any anxious thought and then obsess over another one as soon as I got rid of the current one). But now I'm on my fourth week and I'm feeling like back before I used to take lexapro! I'm getting anxious for no reason at random times like i used to, and I'm finding it hard to let go of obsessions again. One night (on my 4rth week of Lexapro) I had a panic attack and another night I was really depressed and having no interest in anything I usually like about my life.
The thing is that I'm going to have my period in about a week and my anxiety always gets even WORSE in the week before my peeiod. So could it be that the Lexapro is working but I'm just having my usual pre-period anxiety?? I mean, my practitioner said that the reason I always have anxiety is because I don't make enough serotonin like other people do. So if the medicine is fixing that by making me have as much serotonin as is normal, then shouldn't that mean that i should still be having the same reactions as other people who have normal serotonin levels? You know? Like how I still cry and get anxious over actual life problems like other people do, not ALL the time like before the Lexapro? So wouldn't that include pre-period anxiety as well?

Or could the medicine have stopped working and I need a higher dose already??