Thank you all who answered me about my chronic pain and me needing a refill on my pain med. I saw my GP yesterday & he's referring me to a pain clinic, ordered another Lumbar CAT scan to see how much worse it's gotten and wrote me "one Rx" for my pain med. to last me till I get in to see the specialist at the pain ctr. They will need the results from my new CAT scan to understand partially what I've been going through. He confirmed I cannot have another MRI because of the wires & screws in my right rotar cuff tendons from that another fall & operation. Also, Fibromyalgia (spelled wrong the last time)-allergic to Lyrica, Neuropathy in back, legs & feet, osteoarthritis in left foot, right knee, right hip, fingers & hands, and I shake all over when I'm in pain. So, thanks again to all the people who responded about me going to a pain control clinic. That's exactly where he's sending me. God bless.