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What exactly happens when you abruptly stop taking prozac all entirely?

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LaurieShay 27 Mar 2014

Well generally speaking when you stop taking an antidepressant you experience some diarrhea and mild headache and something called "brain zaps" which are nothing more than little sensations in your head that last just a second. Nice thing about Prozac is it has a relatively long half-life so it stays in your system longer and leaves more gradually resulting in less withdrawal symptoms.

The other thing that may happen, and more importantly, the depression and/or anxiety may return. So be aware there is more to ponder than the physical effects.
Why do you want to stop?

puzzlingParadox 27 Mar 2014

It's not actually me that is stopping taking it, it's my girlfriend, I'm just really scared and worried about her. Ever since she started taking Prozac things have been different, and not actually in a good way. She doesn't like who she's become with this drug. So I'm taking her off it and I just need to know what will happen when she stops. Anyways thank you for the answer and if you have anything else that can be helpful please tell me

LaurieShay 27 Mar 2014

May want to discuss with the prescribing doctor before she chooses to discontinue. free discount card

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