I need pain med advice can you tell me what works for you? I cannot take the following meds, LYRICA, CYMBALTA, NEURONTIN, and some other's that I can't recall at the mo.

So those are out! I see my Rheumy soon, so I really could use some help here gang!
I am taking Baclofen (which I find quite helpful) Percocet (ugh, another opiate) Norco (ugh, same thing) I am able to take Opana when it gets super bad, yet don't want to take it as it upsets my stomach, went back on Prozac (ugh again) !! So I'll line 'em up for ya!

Opana (only if I MUST yet it doesn't really work)

Thank you ALL, my dc family and my oh so lovely friends!! This pain is taking my sense of humour and my personality away!! GRRRRRRRR!!!