I have been married for 11 years. Has has been verbaly abussive. I am diagnosed w bipolar, by the way. This past year he hit me across the eye, cheek. After that he raised his hand to hit me several times, to scare me. He has even scared me with his truck, like he was going to hit me. I took him to domestic violence court, about the truck. He lied in court and i did not confrot him, and he walked away free of all charges. When i left the court house he was waiting on me at my truck. When i saw him i turned around and started walking back to the door. He saw me and started screaming. I took off my shoes and ran into the building. He came in after me, security stopped him. He was caught on tape this time. While we were in court his truck had gotten repossesed. I talked to the repo guy and he said the police took pot & pills out of his car. There were scales to, but the officer did not take them. I knew he smoked pot. I had no idea he was selling it. I defenatilly did not have a clue he was on pills. I am scared for him. No matter what has happened i love him. Dont get me wrong after chasing me into court, were he has warrents at, i will not hesitate to call 911 if i see him.