About 12 yrs ago I was having migraines often and went Dr. He asked about what all was going on in my life and at the time there was a lot if stress. I was having relationship problems and both grand parents had pasted within a few months apart. The Dr. said he believes the migraines to be related to stress and depression and prescribed me either an antixiety or anti depressant cant remember which. The pill was a yellow or orange and white pill. It took two weeks to begin to work and I felt better than I have in my life. It was non narcotic. Question is I'm going through depression again and would like to try this med again. I'm the type that if it works don't change it. Can anyone tell me what the name of this medicine may be? I havent been to that Dr in 10 years so i don't know if it is still on record there. I was also taken Naproxen at the time and I believe the name was simliar but not sure. Thanks for the help