... simultaneously the day before yesterday. My wife has been breast-feeding my daughter, but the doctor advised to pump and dump her milk for the next ten days just "to be on the safe side" (Honestly she didn't seem quite sure of herself when saying this). Anyway, my wife plans to go on breast-feeding until our daughter reaches two-years of age. And for the last couple of days, our daughter is extraordinarily fussy, which we think is because the lack of lactation (we have detected no signs of yellow fever vaccination side effects). My wife wants to continue breast-feeding, lest our daughter should entirely give up sucking at the end of this period, and my research on the net did not turn out any answers to this specific situation. There are cases whereby yellow fever virus is deemed to have been transmitted to babies through breast-feeding, but in none of those cases the breast-fed baby is above one-year of age and received vaccination. Does Breast-feeding add to the risk significantly that is already existent due to the vaccination? Any comments please. Thank you