I have all my upper teeth and most of my bottons pulled. During that process i am depending on pain killers to get me through the day. My sister went thru the same thing it runs in my family bad teeth i am only 25 and i know ur thinkin has he messed with meth and the answer is 100% no never have never will i am lookin for a Dr. i dont know if there are anybody on here that is in southeast georgia or northeast florida that a Dr. like my sister went to. He didnt through her into a rehab facility because she wasnt that bad hook on them i am hooked on them not that bad either but i would need the suboxone to get off it. And i have herd nothing but good things about this medication i am looking for a Dr. that will write me that so i can get off this monster known as pain killers and i am not that bad but i mean if i am out and there is only say something stronget then hydrocodone around and cant find vicidion or loratabs lorecets i get them i am talkin about oxycodone oxycotin plus the money part of it to would help me tremdously i got to find a Dr. in this area - if anybody in this area knows of a Dr. that will help me like the Dr. did in indiana for my sister she went in there like i would and be 100% honest with him yeh i got a problem but i didnt just start taking them got addicted to them because of all the work that i have had done in my mouth i need suboxone please email me and help me out or a Dr. online i have herd of some that will help u i just need to beable to know that i have a scrpit of them a month so i dont have to go thru them withdraws that we all grow to hate please help