I had gotten sick with the stomach virus, bacterial infection, and the stomach virus. I was put on two different antibiotics. Also had horrible diarrhea.
I started to get a itchy rash so I used rash cream, for about 4 days. I got my period for about 4 days, and after that I noticed I got a hemrirod so upset pep h for about 4days, at this time I was itchy. And I noticed I was getting white stuff collecting up that looked like toilet paper so I stopped using pep h and it went away.
Then I had sex with my boyfriend a few days later and it burned horrible while intercross that he had to stop, then peeing burned HORRIBLE too so that night I went and got monistat 3 and complete the whole course.
Day 1- oily clear discharge
Day 2-white oily chunky discharge
Day 3- oily clear discharge
I had sex with my boyfriend again, and it burned but not as bad as the 1st time, I was able to enjoy it a little but peeing after stung and burned a little, and I have also shaved. This is also after complying the whole monistat 3 treatment.
Any ideas of what is going on or what to do?