I had sex with someone on Thursday, and on Friday I woke up feeling a bit swollen down there but that was it. Saturday, I woke up with the swelling, discharge, and burning while going to the bathroom. I called my doctors office right away and he prescribed me 2 fluconazole tablets. One I took Saturday right away when I picked it up in the morning. By Saturday evening, the burning had already gone away, and the swelling had gone down. Sunday, the discharge had gone away as well. Sunday, I got a small blister near the opening of my vagina. Monday; I took the second tablet he prescribed, to make sure all the symptoms would go away. I had a doctors appointment the Tuesday after that weekend and got my IUD removed, where he also swabbed the small blister to get it tested for Herpes. Now today is Wednesday and the small blister has completely gone away! I no longer have any symptoms at all. So within 6 days, it all went away. I still haven't gotten the results back for the herpes swab, so I'm just wondering, could it be herpes?