... he would be acting psychotic and totallylose his grasp on reality and behavior was so bizarre. His mother hates me, his parents were born and raised in Poland and want him with a polish girl. I began to suspect that his mother was drugging him with something he told me she would pretty much force this tea on him but knew he was taking something because he was completely normal until he would go home. Turned out he found a bottle of some kind of SSRI and she confessed to drugging him. She was doing this in hopes that I would break up with him because of how crazy, dangerous and unpredictable he would become. He was actually put in jail because of one of these episodes from these pills and while incarcerated she put 9,000 dollars on his credit card to max it out and destroy his credit so he wouldn't be able to get an apartment or move out. He doesn't see how messed up this is and I want him to press charges what do I say to get him to understand how bad taking those drugs areare?