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What do I do if my one year old child accidentally takes a Vicodin?

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mhelcl 29 Apr 2013

It is best to call 911. Depending on how much was taken, with higher dose, it can easily lead to an overdose end death.

biitchiepoo 30 Apr 2013

Tnx everyone. My baby is fine now and safe at home.

DzooBaby 30 Apr 2013

Glad to hear it. My husband dropped a piece of a pill on the floor when my son was a baby (it was an allergy tablet) and my son put it in his mouth and I didnt know until it fell out of his mouth. At first I thought it was a pebble then I realized it was a pill and it terrified me so I know how you felt. It is scary. I didnt know how much he actually consumed so I took him to the hospital and he was okay. I'm glad your baby is fine and home again. I'll bet you never make the mistake of keeping pills within his/her reach again but keep that poison control number handy. Kids are very curious and manage to get into trouble we cannot always foresee.

kaismama 30 Apr 2013

When you have a child in the house you have to be more careful. You also need the phone number for poison control kept on your frig. They will tell you what you should do no matter what your child sticks in their mouth. The number is 800-222-1222.

DzooBaby 30 Apr 2013

I hope that you have taken your baby to the hospital by now. Keep this number handy on your phone or on your fridge or somewhere where you know where it is. It is for Poison Control in the US 1-800-222-1222. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. They are curious and will put things in their mouths so it is up to you to keep harmful things out of reach. Put locks on the cabinets. I hope your little one is safe at home again! Nothing is more scary than something happening to your baby! free discount card

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