I started on citorpralm which helped me get back on with life but I came off of it around Xmas due to feeling wired a lot and increased anxiety

So Iv been two months ad free and I'm no way near as bad as I was a year ago

I see friends, I have met a new man I can have positive days , I got it he gym so is this even classed as depresion if I'm able to do all this ?

But I still feel inconsistent , a low mood, I live in my mind and I obsessively over play same stories and situations in my head evey morning from events from over a year ago, I feel low and anxious on most days no confidence and have a lot of of whats the point in life feelings most days . I feel lost and hopeless like every day is coping to get by rather than living in the moments .

Iv struggled on and off for yeRs with low moods .

I don't want to lose the man I'm with who I already feel I push away when I'm low .

I have been prescribed 50mg of seraltine( I'd tKe 25 mg I'm tiny ) But I'm petrified ...

I read these groups and think yes il do it I need not suffer I can feel consitent and normal

But then I read it again and I'm scared its going to make me like An anxious zombie and I think why do that to myself if I'm functioning day by day

Would you recommend this tablet , did it mAke you live less in your head ?
Do u Feel more positive ?
Can you think clearer ?
Or is this just something I should work on myself as I'm having some good days.

I Feel very lost guess I want to think this could help me live a better quality of life outside my over whelming head

Thanks for any advice x