Hello there, I am new to this website. And new to Yasmin pills as well. I had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 23rd of february 2016. I feared that i might get pregnant and then i did some homework on YASMIN PILLS and started taking it within 24hours. I completed the 21 pills and now on the last day of my 7day off ! I have my periods since day 4. Now i have some queries and i hope that you can answer them well :)

1. we had unprotected sex again on march 3rd 2016. But i got my periods on march 17 2016. So does this mean that i am no more pregnant ?

2. Can i just stop using YASMIN or i need to use it for couple of months again?

3. Are there any chances that i will get pregnant once i stopped using the pills ?

Thanks in advance :)