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Yasmin - is it good for non married woman, how do I start taking Yasmin?

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DzooBaby 1 Mar 2011

Yasmin can be used by married or non-married women. Yasmin will protect you from pregnancy but it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases so if you have multiple sex partners you will want to continue to use condoms to protect yourself against STD's. As far as starting the tabs, you should take the first yellow pill in the pack either the day you start your menstrual cycle or the first Sunday after you start your cycle. I recommend that you use a back up method until you have the first pack of pills taken but according to the literature you are protected after 7 consecutive days of active pills. You will take one yellow (active) pill each day for 21 days then one white (inert) pill days 22-28. Try to take the pills at approximately the same time each day. Taking them at bedtime helps some women avoid side effects like nausea but you can choose what time of day works best for you. If you miss a pill take it as soon as you remember and take the next days pill at the regular time. Try not to miss pills. The more often you miss the greater the chances of becoming pregnant.

puckiemull 1 Mar 2011

Hi there
Yes take dzoobaby's advice,cannot add anymore to that.
Best of luck

DzooBaby 1 Mar 2011

Thanks Puckie! free discount card

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