Iam clean now for 4 months i tried quit in march fast taper was off for 1 month and went back on stupid things didnt help was only 1mg klodopin 2 times day and i was on xanax for 3 1/2 yrs 6 times day so after they put me on klodopin they wouldnt give me a taper so i had go find another doc and he just put me into detox 7 days of hell on ativan 2mg 3times day propanol 20mg 3 times day 300mg neurontin 3 times day for pain and seizure after out i was on ativan for 4 days then was off i had script to taper but only for 4 days . So another cold turkey my head herts still , numbness still jerking in my back is gone thank god tingling iam off neurontin finally still on propanol blood pressure still to high i can even tell when iam sick , feels like iam impaired forever doc getting kinda mad blood pressure wont go down i cant help it i have alot pain n neck n shoulders which nothing helps relieve it, she thinks its anxiety but its not i wish it was but its not something worse i cant function, iam trying hang n there until this is over withdrawl but its so hard.
Anyone have this much trouble i know alot people who have suffered for yrs and i cant do this for yrs ... I do feel much better but still iam so sick, anyone ever get off this stupid stuff ?