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Can xifaxan be taken during a bout of cramping diarrhea?

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kaismama 1 Oct 2012

I would think so since that's what its for.

Tina2012 1 Oct 2012

That's what I thought. I get a little nervousness taking drugs. I take too many now. But xifaxan sure did work last time to relieve the pain.

kaismama 2 Oct 2012

Do you take it for at least 3 days when you use it? Its for certain types of diarrhea, but if its prescribed for you, I'd be taking it, cramps and diarrhea are no fun.

Tina2012 2 Oct 2012

10 days. I have four days of sample and he prescribed the remainder but of course I have to wait for my insurance which I am sure will deny. But I started the samples last night.

kaismama 2 Oct 2012

If it won't pay, tell your doc you need samples again. It is very expensive, but its not like there are many choices to replace it. It takes a while to get help from the manufacturer, and I'd hate to have to wait and have diarrhea the whole time. I just get so angry with insurances, what do they think we have it for? I'd call the insurance company and talk to them. If they refuse, then I'd call the manufacturer.

Pammy50 3 Oct 2012

I just had to stop medication because it caused me to have terrible gas and diarrhea urgency. Has anyone else experienced this?

kaismama 3 Oct 2012

These are common reactions. I would call the dr and ask what he wants you do. free discount card

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