Was on mtx stopped due to multiple infections shingles,etc did not lose a single hair Switched to Arava and lost close to 3/4's of it but I have stayed on it only thing is the gi effects have become bothersome buy I never get sick or ever have infections on Arava and it helps with pain for the most part but its not halting the RA. Will I experience even more GI problems and hairloss on Xeljanz ? I don't think I could handle more hairloss sounds vain but it's the truth... If so does it happen like within a week or so or like the first day or two?? What's weird is I read people are taking it for alopecia, but people with RA lose hair on it. I am supposed to start it today but I am nervous. Feel like I'm jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Will these side effects occur immediately with Xeljanz or do they happen over several months? I know everyone has different reactions so I guess its a redundant question. I'm curious.