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Xarelto - How long will I have to take this?

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Inactive 26 Sep 2014

As long as you have afib or flutter or are taking drugs to control afib or flutter because control by drugs is rarely or ever complete all the time.

As explained to me by an electrophysiologist two weeks ago, even with an ablation procedure they have to be absolutely sure you have no more afib or flutter, and even then the protocols are not clear. From , "Many people think that having ablation means they'll be able to stop taking an anticoagulant (also called a blood thinner), such as warfarin, every day to prevent stroke. But that is only true if your risk of stroke is low. Studies haven't proved that ablation for atrial fibrillation lowers your risk of stroke. So you'll still need to take an anticoagulant if your risk of stroke remains high... "

pixiepup 14 Nov 2014

That was a really good answer if your on it for afib but what if it is for PE in right lung ? I also have a swollen lymph node on edge of left lung that I'm waiting for a biopsy report on. How does the doctor know when it is safe to go off. I am really worried this Xarelto has no antidote for bleeding and all the restrictions on other medicines. I know the ER doctor said it could be for a year. I have only been to my pulmonary doctor once so far as this happened on October 18.

kaismama 26 Sep 2014

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