I had a heart attack last March 2018, I am a cocktail of drugs already and don't appear to have any side effects, but in my recent follow up (ECG, Echocardiogram etc.) my cardiologist wants me to go onto Rivaroxaban and maintain the existing drugs, my own GP concurs, but I'm really worried that once I'm on this new drug I won't ever get off it and judging by some comments here that does not seem very good to start. I'm reasonably well and exercising most days, some days up and some days not so good, but I guess it's early days. I'm 71, male and don't feel the need take the drug for a complaint I don't appear to have, although the cardi reports my recent ECG showed sinus rhythm with poor wave progression (whatever that means). I didn't get to ask what this meant, I've only just received a copy of his report. Any comments would be helpful, Thanks.