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With xanax do you gain weight an have fatige?

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LaurieShay 9 Jun 2012

While benzodiazepine like Xanax can make you sleepy, as long as you remain active and watch your calorie intake you shouldn't gain weight. I have taken a benzo for a long time and remain very active and have not gained weight from it. Weight gain is a function of calories in vs. calories burned. If you eat more than you burn you will gain weight.

balbanese 9 Jun 2012

I believe it can, especially if (if) there are other meds involved and when you take it. Hope this helps.

Patiently Waiting 10 Jun 2012

I did not have weight gain or fatigue specific to this drug. I have took it probably 10 years. It really depends on the person and dosing. I take 2 per day @ 1mg. It will make you kinda groggy if the dose is too high for you. You should always wait before driving or doing anything requiring full concentration until you know how you will react. Studies have shown some (30%).. do gain a little weight taking Xanax (benzos) due to lack of activity. I recommend adding pool therapy or walking with this medication for better anxiety management. free discount card

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