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Xanax - Do you take these everyday or only when you feel a anxiety attack coming on?

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Inmytree 16 Jul 2016

I've taken them 3x a day for 9 years due to daily panic and anxiety, and now I HAVE to stop, due to all the regulations. Many years prior to that I had a scrip for a few years, but I only took them as needed, as my anxiety attacks weren't an everyday occurrence- and I was really conscience of taking them too often.
If you can take them just as needed, please do. Once you're on them regularly, they stop your brain from naturally being able to handle life in general. If I'd known that 9 years ago, I NEVER would have taken them regularly. And never for 9 years. I just didn't know...
If you do need them regularly, don't take them for long. I'm not sure how long it takes to become dependent on them, but I do know becoming INdependent of then is not worth it. It's h**L.
Good luck, and keep us posted.

chuck1957 17 Jul 2016

Inmytree; Great job, I have been there too and you well get through it, Still use it maybe one or two times a week, Chuck1957

Inmytree 17 Jul 2016

Thanks Chuck :)

chuck1957 16 Jul 2016

Kmlgab; I agree 100% with the other post, But just to back it up in some case's you don't say if your taking any other medication for your anxiety or panic attacks. if they are regular than you need to be on another medication used for panic attacks and to take the Xanax AS NEEDED and even at that if you get balanced out on one of these medications You may still need the Xanax if your anxiety or panic attacks are on a regular basis. So what I am saying you start the Xanax as needed only but it you find you need it every day than you should be on one of these other medication for anxiety attacks, I know it is confusing some people can get by with just one Xanax every few days and that is fine but when your attacks are every day it's best to keep be on what is known to us with chronic anxiety or panic attacks as a cocktail, which is one or two other meds and a Xanax as needed. But if you just have a anxiety attach here and there from time to time Xanax is just fine.

MeggieGirl 17 Jul 2016

Consider Xanax your "rescue med" ONLY. When you feel your heart pounding, the sweat starting, the racing know the signs, make sure you have them close by and available to help you through the situation.

A medication like Klonopin would be one that you take every day as a preventative because it takes longer to kick in, and it lasts much longer in your bloodstream.

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