I'm having some severe troubles with somnolence / hypersomnia, and am still waiting for the final diagnosis regarding my sleep study. In the meantime, we've decided to correct the situation regardless of the official outcome, cause I've obviously have symptoms that are making my life very difficult. I've switched from 3mg of Klonopin per day to 2mg 2x's per day of Xanax XR to see if that doesn't help. So far, I just feel more tiered than before. I'm now just starting on day #2, and I know that I still have to give it a fair shot. Does anyone have any input on this? Also, I feel more social and general anxiety than before, meaning that probably I'll need a higher dosage of the Xanax XR in the long run. I'd love for any experiences or comments (and I love back and forth discussions - if I or you question something, please feel free to respond, as that's the point of a conversation)! :) One more thing, for those of you who know me, this is just one of several steps that are going to be taken. One of the other steps taking once the benzo of choice is determined, we'll then start to eliminate all of the "sort of" working meds, and upping the dosage of the less sedating working med (dropping 300mg Ultram, 225mg Lyrica, the higher dosage of Pristiq 100mg down to 50mg, and upping the Methadone 30mg up to what is needed, something that has doesn't sedate me much at all, and works by far and away the best for the fibro pain)! Thank god!! The psychiatrist wasn't willing to in the past, but now is all for it. According to him, I've proven over time that I have an extremely low addictive personality profile, rare for also having PTSD, and he's had a number of very bad experiences very recently. Also, hopefully, we'll be saying an almost total good-bye to Abilify (rarely taken as it is), as the Minipress has been working wonders for the C-PTSD!