Please someone tell me I'm not going crazy. I am on celexa started 5th week today, I'm doing ok, about every 4 days real nausea, no headache but get anxious and panicky and inside my head but its so hard to explain. Thoughts get stuck but I feel weird, strange body sensations bit the thoughts are weird and random. Like a bush will enter my mind then a second later a picture, then the sink but that thought feels stuck for a few seconds then I feel weird and scared and I feel like I'm going craZY and I can't stop unless I take xanax doc put me on 0.25 x twice a day until celexa takes full effect but I'm afraid because the weirdness comes back as soon ad xanax wears off. I just want to b me again. I have always had OCD, and panic disorder, anxiety but was able to control it, I have never dealt with this and I'm scared. I have been told by doc that the reason was because of my HRTeven though it doesn't cure it it will keep it at bay. I was taken off HRT in April 2013 I guess you are only supposed to be on 5 years or less I was on 7 so was taken off about 6 weeks after I started having issues, thought was having heart attack ended up high blood pressure and anxiety. I need help I am going crazy. Oh I have no.overies so I make no estrogen I'm just so freaked out by the mind thought stuck switching thought weirdness. Ad long ad I'm on xanax or wine I don't have. Please someone help!