Hey everyone, just want to see what you think.

I took 4mg of Xanax 6 days before I need the test. Took 4mg 3 days before the test. Did not find out about the test until after I took the Xanax both days. I do not usually take Xanax; yes, I realize I am an idiot. It will be sent to a lab. I have a benzo tester that has a cut-off of 100 or 300 ng (not sure which, out of town now and cant check) I will be using it right before I go to the test.

Question 1: 100-300 ng is not much at all.. correct?

So, basically I've been drinking a TON of water. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) Between 8-12 liters a day. The 24 hours prior to the drug test I will stop chugging water so it does not appear diluted.

Question 2: Should I stop drinking so much water sooner than 24 hours, or later?

I am 130 lb female. I am planning on working out for an hour or two tomorrow to sweat. I was also at the beach and was sweating quite a bit. Buying some cranberry juice tomorrow.

Question 3: Do I have ANY chance of passing? It doesn't appear so to me. I cannot sneak urine in because they watch you pee.

The test is this Monday, 3/19, probably around 3:00 PM. If I'm lucky I may be able to get it on a different day.

Please help, the test is tomorrow and any advice would be so helpful.

Thank you.