My Doctor has me on 0.25mg of Alprazolam: generic for Xanax. I have really bad Anxiety, where I can breathe, and I cry, and Scream, and feel like running away... from EVERYTHING! I feel lost. I worry about EVERYTHING. I have nightmares. I wake up with severe Belly pain. EVERYTHING hurts because I stay Anxious, and Afraid, and my mind races constantly about EVERYTHING and I am ALWAYS thinking: "When will the next thing go wrong"? I need and want to be calm, happy, and not feel like I am gonna freak out and have a Heart Attack. I'm am suffering so much and I can't handle it. Not Depressed, so don't need Anti-depressants. I'm just full of Anxiety, and it's now making me VERY OCD. I'm worried/thinking about EVERYTHING. Don't really know how to talk to my Doctor about what I feel I NEED. He is a very awesome Doctor, and listens, unlike others who just write you something, then sends you on your way. He examines all aspects of the issue, but, I really feel like I need something that will REALLY HELP, until I can see a Psychiatrist and work through these issues. I do have an Appointment with one November 20th, but I need something until I start seeing this Psychiatrist. Any Advice? Thank.